Essilor Crizal Alize (Ormex - Thinning 1,56)

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The price is about a pair of lenses (2pcs).

Vision lenses Essilor Crizal Alize.

Using the most advanced technologies, Essilor's Crizal coatings apply to eye lenses offering a real daily comfort to the user's eyesight. The lenses with Crizal coating are the most advanced reflecting lenses on the market, which are trusted by more than 150 million consumers. They are the only lenses that provide the most advanced protection against blue light and UV radiation while at the same time offering clear vision by fighting the 5 enemies of pure vision.


- Absolute protection from the UV radiation with E-SPF 10-25 indicator.

- Anti-cracking skill.

- Basic lipophobic, hydrophobic and anti-static properties.

- HIgh clarity.

- 99% light transmittance.

Coating color: gold-green.

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