AOSEPT PLUS HydraGlyde 360ml

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AOSEPT PLUS HydraGlydereg is a peroxide-based solution designed to disinfect all types of soft contact lenses. The moisturizing agent HydraGlydereg provides the lenses with moisture for all the time it is in the eyes. This neutralizing component is in the special case of the lens, which provides the catalytic factor AODISC, which is required for the efficient operation of the cleaning process. Moisturizing system HydraGlyderg is incorporated into the surface of the lens, where it forms a drought prevention layer for up to 16 hours. The lenses are quite wet and provide the user with the comfort requaired.

How AO SEPT Plus HydraGlydereg works The AO SEPT's Plus HydraGlydereg active ingredient provides up to 3% more hydrogen peroxide solution. The cleaning process results not only in the actual disinfection of the lenses, but is also followed by neutralization of sodium peroxide.

Disinfecting phase

Hydrogen peroxide has the character of a dilute acid, which effectively remove sediments from the lenses and unwanted microorganisms. The direct contact of paroxide with sensitive tissues of the eye it could it could lead to burns, so do not rush to the disinfection process and also wait for the neutralization of peroxide.

Neutralization phase

In order to completely neutralize the solution, the presence of the catalytic agent is required which exists in the AO SEPT Plus HydraGlydereg solution from AODISK system. This neutralization ingredient is in the special case of the lense, which is part of the package solution.

How to use AO SEPT Plus HydraGlydereg correctly

The contact lenses must be placed in the contact lenses case, which must then be flooded with a solution more than that shown on the filling line. The lenses must be stored in a solution holder for at least 6 hours, to ensure complete neutralization of the solution. The lenses can be stored in the solution until 2 weeks. After this time, the solution should be changed with a new one.

Characteristics and benefits

Ideal for silicon - hydrogel contact lenses. Triple cleaning action. All-day comfort. Without preservatives.

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